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78 Dodge Monaco "Touring Sedan"


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A car Chrysler should have put together "back in the day" when Ford ads were trying to convince us the Granada looked just like a Mercedes Benz and Oldsmobile was selling "international styled" Cutlass Salon. '78 was also the last year of the big block Chrysler, a year earlier Car and Driver even did a road test of the police package Mopar and found it more capable than contemporary "performance" cars

Start with the "Blues Brothers formula"- cop tires, cop brakes, cop shocks- and the police pursuit 440. Maybe borrow the 15x8 slotted steel wheels from the F body Super Coupe. Make it spiffier than the cop car though- offer the buckets and console from the 2 door with a Tuff wheel, silver paint with some black accents- maybe a special blacked out grille

For the build a simple mix of parts from the MPC Monaco police car and 2 door, improve the chassis details (in '75 Mopar B bodies got actual inner fenders)

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One of our members, Mike"raisin" Garret did that same thing with the 68 Plymouth Police Car kit. He removed the B pillar, put some bucket seats, big motor, cool wheels an a nice clean,smooth paint job, BADDA BOOM! a REALLY SWEET lookin little ride that would do ya proud in 1:1! I can't see why ya couldn't do it with the Monaco. :lol::(:lol:

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