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This is my Revell Viper ACR kit that I finally completed after many weeks! The kit is very temperamental and could benefit from an upgrade in terms of fit and assembly ease. I bought a can of code PGS Viper Snakeskin Green at work and I think the color turned out great. I also cut out the "vents" on the hood and replaced those with mesh. The interior was done with Krylon sprays and finished out with flocking and detail painting. I started taking pictures and realized I forgot to add the valve covers that were drying downstairs so, sorry, no engine bay pics. I hope you like it and please, leave a comment good or bad! Thanks, Ed.






Thanks for looking!

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Awesome Viper....nice color too!!! No problem to built it ????

Thanks for looking. It's not a bad kit overall, it just needs some tweaks to make it a great kit. Revell took the last Viper kit and just updated it with new ACR stuff. It is fine on a kit like the Corvette C6 which was a good kit to start with, but the Viper not so much. Once you set up the chassis to sit right it is not too bad. I really like the interior and engine though. Buy it but just know you have to do a few things to make it right!

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My neighbor owns that exact car. I absolutely love this color! What kind is it again?

The paint is actual Mopar touch up paint code PGS sprayed right from the can. Thanks for looking.

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