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Are all Testors 1 Coat paints metallic?

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I just sprayed some '1832M Blazing Black', which on the cap is depicted as a solid black, however in reality is a metallic. I now presume the "M" in the part number stands for Metallic?

What annoys me is that there were 2 choices, one labeled as Metallic, and this one. I chose this because there is no mention of metallic, and it definately is just solid black on the cap.

Looks like I'm back to Duplicolor on this build...

Is it possible I got a mislabeled can, or are they all metallic? The reason why I ask is because I have 5 other colors, and I just realized every one is very heavy metallic.

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Are you looking for a non-metallic black? Tamiya TS-14 is the best rattle can black and I've heard that the gloss black in the Testors Model Master Lacquer line is pretty good too. Nothing wrong with Duplicolor except it is pretty "brown" for a black.

Yea, looking for solid, not metallic. I'll check out the Tamiya tomorrow, thanks!

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