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Looking for...Gordie Bonin Bubble Up Monza decals


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Wondering if anybody has any idea where I may find a set of Slixx Gordie Bonin Bubble Up Monza funny car decals. They have been out of print for awhile so I thought maybe someone knew some sources for older funny car decals.

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Oh wow sorry I didn't even look at the car brand. My fault the decal sheet for the Monza is part number 1215 and isn't listed on there website anymore. I would contact them they probably still can make it just didn't sell enough of them to keep them as in stock product. I did find a site that has them. pm'ing you with site because they only have a couple sheets left.

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Thank you...I found the Firebird funnycar decals and that is the way I may have to go to make the Monza. I have seen the pics of the old Slixx Monza sheet and maybe I can find one out there somewhere

I'm kinda late responding to this but Last year a good buddy o mine who was big into modeling (actually the guy that got me back into it) passed away. Anyway i bought most of his collection and a 3 ring binder full of slixx decals. I recently moved into a new house but I will try to dig the book out this week and look to see if I have the sheet your looking for. You wouldn't happen to have the slixx number for the sheet you need would you?

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