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Thanks man, went with the single four albeit a very big one and wired and plumbed the solenoids into the manifold below the carb. Had stripped the chrome off the front cover/engine mounts and painted and installed that, installed glass and chrome and have done some decaling, need to do some more though



please keep in mind I havent finished under the hood still go to do all the frontal stuff make a msd coil and finish the carb, then I can finish up the plug leeds




out of useable contingency decals at the moment :D


Can make up front spoiler to drop the nose to the weeds now :P

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Thanks guys,trying to work out what to do about the fuel supply.

Should I run the fuel line straight from the trunk (where the fuel pumps are) to a T fitting OR run the line to a fuel block ? T would be easier as I wouldnt need to mount it anywhere....BUT would it be correct? (mumbles to self, shoulda built a blown engine at least ya know where everything goes).

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