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I just keep trying


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OK, I set the Starliner aside rather than destroy it.

Picked up a Lindberg 1940 Ford and got started on it.

Still trying the two-Tone paint scheme though.




Comments are welcome, pro or con.

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There you go! That's an easy tutone because it does not involve masking. Looks good.

Next time, take some time to remove the mold seams like the ones on the front fenders near the headlights. Use emory boards to do that. You can get them in the cosmetics section at Walmart and stores like Sally Beauty Supply. Get several different grits and the ones that have multiple grits on them that go to super fine are great for polishing. This is but another technique that leads to a clean build.

Keep it up!!!

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I had the same problem....just scrapped a 69' Camaro bc I wasnt happy with the paint job. I scavenged the engine and wheels for a different project though. Now I'm going to start a new project. The important thing is to keep a positive attitude and don't rush anything. The minute things aren't working out the way you want them to just put it down and take a break. I learned that with this Camaro build. This ones looking good though....keep going!

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Hello there Mr. G' I have to agree with Jason on jus pulling back a bit when you feel the heat around the corner! This great hobby of ours brings out the best in all of us and it can sure make you wanna scream! But ya cant tell a hard head nuttin! LOL Keep on wit the keepin on and the coupe is lookin top notch to boot as well!

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First up i like the color combo here its clean. Now for the idea of trying bro i always try. Heres some tips for you. If you dont like the paint job go get some dot3 brake fluid and let the body sit in it for a day or two. after it sits take a brush over it with running water and strip off the old paint and start over. Look at your kit before you paint it bro. theres alot of flash and mold lines on some kits example your ford here. take time and sand them down it will be like night and day on your builds bro. And lastly never think your builds suck if you like them the way they are then thats all that matters bro. Keep it up you on a good path.

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