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No windshield no problem drink up!!


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I am sorry I do not have any pics handy right now but here is a tip I have used many times.

If you have a model and want to make either a windshield or a side glass........ drink up!

Get you a clear 2 liter soda bottle and cut out the side (after washing it) it will make a almost scale windshield or a side glass. The green soda bottles make for an interesting green window tint job also. This will even work on your refurbished hots wheels!

I hope this helps someone along the way!

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The trick is to heat it up for a straight windshield, I have a wagner heat gun but use it sparingly as it really gets hot! The small windows do not need heated as the can be placed between the door and panel for side glass.I will be posting some pics soon.

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