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I did it.

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With the help and advice of many Forum members I actually managed to BMF my first model.

Not real happy with it, but then it's the first time so I guess it's not all that bad.

Thanks guys, your encouragement and advice was very much appreciated.62CatalinaBMFed001.jpg



Thanks again guys I can not thank you enough.

Happy Modeling.

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Okay Don, 1 down and the rest of your builds to go! Looks good and it will only get better as you do more of them, I know because I have seen the improvement in my BMF skills.

The 50's and 60's era cars are the best to work on with BMF as they have a bunch of chrome work to do and I think you should tackle a '57 Chevy or Caddy next!

Keep at it, you will get better at it!

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AWWRITE Don!!! Only thing I can see is you foiled the ENTIRE area beteen the body side peaks. THAT was actually just painted metal, and there was a chrome spear that ran down the length of that dip. it was the ONLY chrome in that location. You actually chromed the ENTIRE body crease, which wasn't neccesary. ONLY the little spear was chromed. But other than that, you dun GOOD! See, it wasn't THAT hard! One more lesson learned! Great job!!:D:);)

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Yeah. I know but I was having trouble getting blade to follow the line I wanted.

It wanted to follow the other line for some reason.

Oh well, like you said, another lesson learned, partially anyway.

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It looks good in the pictures and I'm sure it looks better in person. Like everything it takes practice (and NEW blades....lol.) It's been a while since I looked at one of those bodies but I think the trim on top of the rear quarters should be chrome too (more practice). Keep building, this Pontiac is gonna turn out nice.

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personally, i think asking for the perfect foiling job is just not practical. i know i mess up on every one i try.

yours looks great from the camera angles anyway. one thing you might consider is a coat of clear to seal the foil and paint, otherwise handling is liable to mess up your foil job.

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Hey Donald,

Allright!! Looks good, what a good feeling, right? It will take your cars to a whole new level, everybody was helpful, that's why I love this place!!

Okay, a small tip that seems to help me...before I put on the foil, or even before I paint, I take the back of an exacto blade and trace over the area where the foil will go, just go over it slowly and lightly a couple of time to slightly deepen the path your sharp blade will follow. Worth a few minutes extra time to create a little groove for the blade, seems to keep the lines where they belong and makes the cuts that much more exact.

Have fun and congrats!!


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