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Blacked out windows

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Whats the best way of going about this? Should I paint the inside of the kit glass? The outside?

What kind of paint is going to do the best on this sort of plastic? Especially if I'm painting the inside.

Any help would be kindly appreciated.

Rob, I used window tint

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Paint I got lots of. Window tint........not so much. Also I'd be afraid of what it might do later on, like the bubbles on diymirage's 'Bee. Thanks for the advice guys. I appreciate it.


Be sure to lay a piece of masking tape on the outside of the glass , then just lay a couple of mist coats of flat black down on the inside of the glass , followed with a couple of wet ones. Let it dry , pull the masking tape , a little polish for the outside of the glass and you are good to go !

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Just a funny story to relate. A friend of mine did this in real life to his car many years ago. It stunk so bad in that car, he had to keep his windows rolled down for over a month before the smell was tolerable enough to sit in the car B)

A friend of yours spray painted the inside of the glass black???

Why??? B)

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in the 90's when speaker "walls" were popular in 2 door cars, it was common to gut a car and the whole rear area would be painted black. as far as why? because tint can bubble, and severe sound pressure can disturb the tint if not 110%. paint lets in no light, therefore further protecting the back of the box or speakers, also no chance of seeing wires etc, no matter how hard you press your head against the window.

unless of course if the go through. lol

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