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Everyone needs friends ya know...

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Hey gang,

I was just added as a friend here by someone, and also added someone else as a friend. I was just wondering if there is some benefit to adding friends, or is it just a communication bonus? Still, it is a pretty cool feature, and like in real life, you can't have too many good ones!! Oh and to all my friends, if you have any models that take up too much room, I will, as your friend, take them off of your hands...for free....I promise.


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A friend helps you move. A good friend helps you move a body.


My definition has always been "A friend is the guy who you trust to go into your house and make all your porn disappear if you die unexpectedly."

It is a pretty handy way to keep track of people who's work interests you on the forum, if I may give a serious answer.

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Wow, all the replies so far are great, I am picking up more tips in case I join the mob. Appreciate all the replies so far, and Eric, don't worry, I don't want your benefits, just your models!! Now I have to go market those bite-sized gangster treats for healthy bones and gums!! :rolleyes:

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