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Major Disappointment .....

Old Coyote

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....... a long time ago when I was posting all my Tery Labonte builds, another forum member asked me "Don't you ever build a bad car ?" ......... the answer is definitely "Yes, I do" ........... and here is one which turned out to be a major disappointment

This was an attempt to re-build an old MPC Bruce Larson Vega Pro Stock kit ............... the paint was a major pain in the patoot (really difficult to spray a straight white car :rolleyes: .......... but the Tamiya white fought me through two trips to the "purple pond" ............ finally in frustration I settled on the third attempt which really wasn't all that good .......... on to the decals as Kelly Chadwick was a favorite of mine ........... what a disaster ......... I tested the decals to see if they needed an overspray of clear to keep from cracking , and yes they did ........... so I laid a coat of Tamiya clear over both my decal sheets ........... that allowed me to get them off the paper, but they still cracked and disintegrated out from under the clear ............. I have never seen a worse pair of decal sheets in my life :angry: ................ after letting the decals sit and cure for 24 hours, they still chipped off by just by setting the body on its roof on a cloth diaper ............ I have never had to patch so many "breaks" with paint

OK guys .......... here it is ........... one of the worst I've ever built .......... and a total load of frustration ......... Kelly Chadwick's '74 Vega :blink:






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Hi John,

I know how you feel,man.That build is really bad.I didn't think you could do a really awful build,but, I see I was wrong.I think I should do you a favor and take it off your hands so you won't have to look at it!!!!

JUST KIDDING!!!! :angry::rolleyes: Your worst build is a thousand times better than mine!!!

GREAT JOB on this.

Either that or you have gotten really good at Photoshop!!!!


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Worst.... Worst...? Where, It is, I can't see it? I just see very nice Vega! Nice work with it, that stance is great and paintjob looks good too. Like the decals on it, and overall it's a great build! But really, where is the worst? Oh yes, of course, now I know where is it. I come back later, I'm going to pick up my best model, I've built! :lol: So really nice job with the Vega!

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Either that car looks great or you have a wonderful camera that hides the flaws really well.

Thank you all for the kind comments ........ and yes, I do have a wonderful camera ............ the flaws are mostly hidden in the pictures ............ but believe me they stick out like sore thumbs in person

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Hey John,

Sure looks good from where I'm sitting, you have nothing to be sad about, you've just got one fine & unique car right there. It seems like we are a bunch of very detail-oriented and self-critical modelers, and that is why we are all having fun and improving. But, in my humble opinion, it's gotta be fun, and when done, be cool. If you can answer yes to those two questions, then nothing else matters. I am glad you posted, like I said, sure looks good to me, and I am also standing in line if you decide to gicve it away!! :)


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If I may offer a suggestion.... In the future when you have a decal sheet you are worried about or can already see cracks in...don't spray clear paint on it. Paint was never intended to be a carrier for decals. Use actual decal film itself! Just dab on a liberal coat of Microscale or Superscale Liquid Decal Film (They're both the exact same thing). It's the same stuff the major decal manufacturers such as Microscale and Superscale use as the carrier for their decals. The only difference in using it in this manner is that you are putting the film on top of the decal rather than on the bottom. But it makes no difference in how the decal is applied. The only difference is that you now have to cut the decal out very closely...but you'd have to do that with a clearcoat too. Just slather it on there with a paint brush. This stuff will level itself out and become very thin...just like a real quality decal.

I've used this stuff to save very old decal sheets that I could see were all cracked up a number of times with excellent results.

Here's what the bottle looks like....

DecalFilm-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

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