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I personally don't like that style of Riv, and I sure don't like how they destroyed it either. Its ugly to start with but what the guy/gal did to it makes it gross. It accomplished one thing, and maybe thats why it was done. To get attention. Like in models and some 1:1. I always said to make a model or real one kinda different, stand back and listen to the comments. Its always good to hear(you have to be able to take criticizm of course).You will always get attention............

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But WHY would someone hack up a BEAUTIFUL car like a 71/72 Riv like that???? Yeeesh, some folks got NO sense of beauty!!!:blink::huh::)

I totally agree George!!! That is one of the best looking Buicks they ever made and somebody killed it!!!:lol:

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Don't really know what to say. I found this while doing a search for something else.

Let the commentary begin! :D


IIRC this was the first prototype of the then new Riv (shown in '67 I think) but after the "open air review" at the GM Tech center in Warren MI, GM execs ordered everyone in design, to be tested for illegal substances.

(Later on they learned, the ventilation in the building was tampered with.)

The '71 Riviera we all know, is a seriously toned down version, from that drug inflicted initial design.

Anyone into design should read the book:

What were they smoking? (subtitle: Weird Detroit designs)


ISBN-13: 978-0446378918

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