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Stinkin' Stepside Chevy...

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It's been a while since I 've posted anything, that is mostly because I was busy with work that is slowly but sureley taking up most of my time, and of course my real cars. There was an old Stationwagon that I rescued from the crusher, and last two months or so, I was hunting my dreams and now, after annoying the guy who had THE CAR for long enough, and after a crazy ride home over 190 miles under it's own power, I am a proud owner of a big heap of real american Iron, leather, rust, lacquer, chrome, fungus, and a pair of sky high tailfins. Yes sir. A ninetensixty Cadillac Sedan DeVille series sixty two is parked in the garage, which most likley won't let me build the tiny things as often as I'd like in the near future, but sit under that monster with a welder and makin' my hands dirty building a real car makes up for it. Whooo!

However, the state of my Cadillac reminds me of a model that I bulit a while ago, and although the Cad is not in such a sorry state, I'd like to share it with you.

The car was put together from a Revell box, just sporting some AMT A-Team Van wheels, and unfortunalley I used the beautiful whitewalls inside out and painted the inserts black. Shame on me for not looking for some replacements and keepin' those beautiful wheels for some further projects.

The build itself was really simple, and the kit sports some fabulous fitting, small gimmicks such as a glas insert for the tach, or crisp moldings and details. Lovley!

Painted it with whatever was on my table back then, tried out some techniques and that is what came out after just few weekends of building.

There you go:











Thanks for looking!

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Wow!! very nice build and atention to detail. like the fallen leaves and the junk engine in the back. and like the dangling wires in the dash where the radio has just been ripped out. Awesome job. B):);)

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Very Nice indeed!!! Here in Atlanta a truck like that would last about 10 minutes with a for sale sign on it........ most other places as well for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing....

Regards Bill (Duntov)

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wow.. birch seeds .. good eye for finding them!

Nah. They are always around in Autum, and loads of them. Just pick up some, load them in a small paper box and it will last forever.

Used them on this one too:


Truth is, there is nothing that can beat nature while trying to imitate it.

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I just showed this thread to my wife, who's been watching me work on mine for the last few weeks.

She said "But yours is a model."

-val :D

SO Michael....did your wife just "open the door" for you to get a "REAL" one???????

Regards Bill (Duntov)

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Amazing Pickup! Weathering is awesome and that color is great for this kind of rusted truck. This one looks like 1:1 car on the pictures, only thing, where I can see that it's a model is that engine on the bed. That distributor and intake manifold aren't just looking "right". But really great job you did on this, amazing build. :lol:

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