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'32 Deuce 5 window coupe


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I didn't want a full fendered coupe and I didn't want a highboy, so I kinds, sorta combined them together. Color is HOK Meteor Maroon with a couple coats of clear and finished with The Treatment Model Car Wax. Taillights are from a '69 Camaro; polished aluminum exhaust tips; truck lid is hinged with a removal support rod and inside is one of my cast fuel cells; I used the hemi and wired & plumbed it; I used some wire to hold the headlights. I cut the running boards off the kit pieces and tried to wrap the rear fenders around the back. I took off some massive amounts of plastic from the front fenders and sanded them so they would flow better. The interior features high back bucket seats & flocking.






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Thanks, Joe.

Almost finished with the '62 BelAir and a '54 F100 pickup. And I started an Auburn roadster - that's going to be a hot rod! It's in the purple pond right now getting stripped.

Gotta get going and start dinner - London broil, white rice, salad.

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Thanks Dr. Cranky. I like those HOK paints. If you look close in the 1st & 4th pic, you can see the #1 bead crimpers I've started using on fuel lines - much cheaper than AN fittings. My next builds will feature a crankcase dip stick. One of these days I'll figure out throttle linkage.

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Excellent work Jim! I love the headlight bar. Very different. I'm a little torn on the fenders, but that's just me. I'll have to wait and see it in the flesh. Is it too late to yank those wheels off? The mold seam on those tires sorta sticks out.

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Certain cars are and always will be Classics.

The 32 five window coupe is one of them.

You have done this Classic up right, looks great.

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