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? for the "body surgery" experts out there

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I've recently scored a few built up MPC '69 Charger annuals. One of them is pretty nice but has some glue damage around the rear window trim. I've not even cut out the window yet. I also have a number of the AMT exMPC Daytona Chargers laying around. I was thinking about combining the Daytona fastback rear window area with the annual body, which is seen by many as the best overall '69 Charger in scale. I would like someday to build another '69 Charger 500.

Where would be the best place to cut?



Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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Guest zebm1

Is hard to see from yur comparison photos, but is there a difference in tha downward slope of tha respective rooflines? I'd put my cut, just a bit in front of tha change, IMHO. :wink:


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I would cut across the top @ 1/8 inch in and down the middle of the sail panels vertically, across to the trunk line to separate from the quarter panel, across the trunk. the reason for cutting down the middle of the sail panel is so you have enough to measure and trim. measure twice cut once.

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I would cut as far from the window trim as possible in order to preserve the trim when you are filling and sanding. I would consider swapping the whole trunk lid area at the same time in one piece. The name of the game is to put the seams in the easiest areas to refinish and away from panel lines , trim and detail. good luck.

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