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Multipull mock ups

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I haven't talked to modelers about how they assemble parts for test fitting. When you put unpainted/ primered parts together in a mock up fashion such as interior parts into tubs and tubs into bodies to check fit and looks. How do you adhere the parts together so they can easily be taken back apart to work on them?

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I use Microscale - Micro Liquidtape. It's water based and you apply to both parts and let the white turn clear. It sticks well and I've taken pieces apart many times and stick back together. The stickiness lasts a long time ... seemingly indefinite.

It's about the middle of the page I linked to. That site wouldn't let me link to the single product page!

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I use different stuff depending on how much clean up I want to do and how quickly I'm working. I've used sticky water soluble glues like Microscale Liquid Tape. They work great but short of a real thoroughly clean up the sticky glue tends to hang around where you don't want it (like in nooks and crannies in crossmembers). Rubber cement works well for wide surfaces like wheels to tires, transmissions to engine blocks, etc. You just roll it off with your finger when you want to remove it. I also use white glues, my favorite being Elmer's Carpenter's Glue. The only trouble is that they take a while to set. However cleanup is simple and complete each time and it doesn't attack the surface of the plastic at all. For sticking large piece together like mounting a frame to a body I often just use masking tape. For small styrene parts I sometimes even use a tiny dab of liquid styrene cement, but you have to be careful because it can work too well!

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