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Thanks Dave. No room for the big radial. And I use the same basic set up on my real Z/28... For the same reason...

.... or you could delete the spare all together as a weight saver and run the car run flat tires like the most current BMWs. On a car of this weight, the spare tire delete would give a measurable improvement in performance.

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The seats have been belted...… ScaleMotorSports hardware set and belts...… (Fresh from the GSL vendor room...)

Seats are modified (reshaped) Tamiya units… Textured and slightly weathered/worn/aged/used…



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Thanks guys.

Yes, it has clear on it in those photos, (preferably the base color coat should be cleared in less than two hours from application).

Since I am converting this one to Left Hand Drive, the dash needs to be reworked, well, it needs more detail too…

Here is the stock kit RHD part.


I sanded the ejection pin holes out of the “back side†which will become the new face.


I drilled out the locations for the new gauges and some switches…


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The dash is painted and the toggle switches were made from sprue, the start button is a pin head. I decided to try chrome Mylar for the bezels instead of machining them. I think I’ll go back to machining for small items like these…


Gauge faces and lights are decals I made.


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The body paint is dry and waxed and the interior/chassis basic black painting is done…

Most of the front suspension has been installed. The taillights have been installed. The engine has just been temporarily set into the car for the fitting of some other parts, but it does have the valve covers installed...





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