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New Hobby Room

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We live in a house that's been in our family since it was built in the early 1870s- my great-great grandfather and later my great grandfather had a small store and tavern that's built into the front of the house, a section of which was my old work area. We decided to renovate and change the area to more living space. We also have another old building right next to the house that was at the stage of needing a roof if we wanted to save it- we also decided to sheet and wrap it- still needs some more work but have most of the stuff moved in

Made up a work bench out of some of the old bins we were tearing out of the store as well as saving some old shelving





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It's nice to you see you saving an old building and reusing the shelving. I sometimes like to think of myself as an urban archeologist (fancy term for someone that trespasses in abandon buildings) and those shelves and the building are so cool. Your stash has me envious. You really hit the trifecta with that space and everything.

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Nice hobby room. Nice stash, you wouldn't happen to like Mopars would you? :rolleyes::D

Not all Mopars......

A few Corvettes (and I'm not even really a fan of the 1:1s)


Fords and some MPC 70's GM products....


And other GM stuff and other miscellaneous


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OK, lets see now, a Hobby Room to die for and a stash my wife would kill me over.

Yep, that what I thought, I'm officially jealous.

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