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69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!

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That little band of blue around the windshield top turned out to be critical. JUST AWESOME!! The koolest cars in Dragracing for sure. You did the class proud. If we end up actually finishing these models, we need to get them all together in the future to display.

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Man, Rom what can I say...

I just can't find enough superlatives to describe the result so far of this build.

Sheer genius comes to mind (if I may say so), but then again so many more.

Thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed your skills.

I can only take a deep bow and hope I will be able to build a model that's only half as nice as this one is.


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Rom... Man oh Man.... what can I say. This is one BAD A$$!!!! Build my friend. I seriously can't wait to see it in person in 3 weeks. I am totally impressed by this build. You have out done yourself.

Yeah Chris is gonna be a blast to get out there with you guys. Thanks fellas for all the great compliments with out the support of you I dont think I woulda pushed this as far as I did. Thanks again to you all.
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Man ROM that paint job is outstanding! That is the icing on the cake. You did a great job pulling it all together.

Still pulling it all together Bart just the final details though.

I installed the windows and chutes and cords. the body is on permanantly now and all thats left is to attach the windows to the door frames and install, which i'll be working on tomarrow. Heres what I have for tonight.

front windshield its a bit smuged but its nothing a lil windex cant take care of.....


side rear....


rear window.....


Chutes installed with cords...



almost home........ B)

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Rom, besides seeing the War Path, I would really like to meet my fellow models & MCM Forum friends (You, Chris & all the others), but being unemployed, no car, it's really doubtful, I live here with my sister & my niece (who left today for a visit with family in Fl. & won't be back till the 9th, they also took the only camera in the house so pics of my builds will have to wait), I don't know how she'd like driving 2 hrs. to Phoenix so I could go to a Model Car Contest. As far as my builds are going, I'm planning on scratch-building the oil pumps,fuel regulators,nitrous/fuel solenoids, I checked out a certain engine builder & got a new idea for the Nova's engine (no real changes, just have to redo the oilpan), I saw that the "new" engine has a custom made 7-stage oil pump, so I checked out the pump on the manufacturers website, which led to a couple of questions, I e-mailed the guy and got a response in a few hours, I'll need to make a new bottom piece for the RG oilpan. The wheels in my head are a-turnin'!. I won't get to far ahead, so when the camera (& my sister/niece) get back I'll be able to take some pics.

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Rom... what more can I say about this build, it is just down right beautiful. I am super stoked for you that you are just about done with this build. I am also a little sad because I am going to miss seeing progress updates but I am excited to be able to drool over this in person. I am looking forward to seeing what your next Pro Mod or Drag Racing build will be ;) . I did want to ask what did you use to glue the bolts to the windshield??

Great work on this bud. Its a big accomplishment for sure. I wish my Funny Car was close to being done. but I am thinking I should at least have the chassis in primer by the time the Desert Scale Classic gets here...

Richard.... It would be awesome if you could make it up but I understand the circumstances. I will be taking lots of pictures at the show and would be more than happy to send you a CD with all the pics if you would like just let me know. I am looking forward to seeing your builds.

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I am looking forward to seeing what your next Pro Mod or Drag Racing build will be ;) . I did want to ask what did you use to glue the bolts to the windshield??

My next project is a 69 camaro Promod (with the works of course). The bolts are actually rivets with a 4mm stem on them (you can get them from scale hardware), I drilled the windshield, then inserted the rivet into the hole then I used tamiya clear like glue on the back side. Once the clear was dried I cliped of the stem on the back side of the windshield.
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