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what ebay really means

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i recently purchased a jolly rodger custom rod for 25.00, a boot hill express for 30 dollars,and an elvira thunderbird for 30 dollars. all 3 were sold as factory sealed and appear to be so as i havent opened them yet.

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Good to hear that the seller would work with you, but since it was resealed, how do you know for sure Minicraft made the mistake?

After a bit of research, Minicraft apparently doesn't make a 1/16 version of this kit, and if they did, it wouldn't fit in a box this small, which is just 2" deep, or about half the depth of most 1/16 kits. But you can't tell that on an eBay listing.

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I browsed through some of this sellers other auctions and found the "Ultra Rare" ( we missed this one ) auction for a decal sheet that this person feels is worth $100, just for the decal. You know what, if he can find some sucker to come along and pay that kind of money then more power to him. Those of us with common sense will look at these types of auctions, and sellers, and simply have to laugh at their ignorance. Just like the guy selling a complete Warlock MPC kit, one set of pieces at a time, so that when you are done it will cost you (like someone already mentioned) about $250. Crazy stuff but there are folks out there that will feed off of sellers like these.

Wayne maybe this is the same guy?


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