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70 1/2 Camaro


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I built this AMT 70 1/2 Camaro Z28 from an artist's rending of a ZSS I found on the web. I lowered and set the stance with lowering blocks on the rear axle and flipping the front spindles. I removed the front inner wheel wells and re-tubbed the rear to fit the snap kit concept Camaro wheels. I cut the roof panel out and buffed and polished the black to imitate the glass roof in the rendering. I cut up a grease splash screen for the grille. The kit stripes didn't want to cooperate and I was lucky I had scanned them before trying to use them. I made my own stripes and ZSS lettering. The bumpers were dechromed and painted with the rest of the body in duplicolor gm medium metallic blue with several coats of model masters ultra clear lacquer, which was buffed and polished. Thanks for looking and enjoy...





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Thanks for all the great comments everyone. I never expected this many respones. It made it worth the problems I had building it.

"Is that chrome foil on the air cleaner?"

Yes it is BMF. I painted the air cleaner first, then filled in the center with the BMF.

"How about some chassis shots?"

This is the only one I have at this time.


"awesome build, excelent detail, where did you get the accell coil from?"

From one of my favorite and quality suppliers, Morgan Automotive Detail.

"However, with no inner front wheel wells the fenders and front end have nothing to attach to... so they must be floating by magic!"

Only the wheel wells were removed the side supports and radiator core support still remain.

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Nice Job, as for Harry's Comment No magic involved the front fenders attach at the cowl and Rad support. It could work but there would be alot of flex in the car. Inner fenders stiffin things up and keep engine compartment clean. On the 1:1 camaro inner fenders would bolt to fender lip area, Rad core support and an additional brace would bolt from inner fender to the firewall. Even with all this in the car there was still flex between the firewall and front subframe. Herb Adams designed tubular triangular braces that bolted to the firewall and attached to front upper control arm bolt this in combination with solid mounts for the front subframe replacing rubber bushings, a few other suspension tricks allowed that generation F Body to pull a g on the skidpad in the early 80's making it a real corvette eater.

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