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1964 Impala SS "Grand Finale"


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Hey again, I'm moving to university this autumn so I decided to build my favorite model kit of all times during the summer since I'm not sure how much time I'll have for modeling in university.

Anyways, will gonna be lowrider, with crazy paintjob(zero paints cobra viking blue as a main color), hopefully my skills are sharp enough to add some details too(havent built anything for at least half a year).

Nice to come back with my favorite car and lowrider scene.


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Yeah it is the icon, thats the car that brought me to lowriders and its been my dream 1:1 car ever since.

I've been laying down some pinstripe tape tonight, hopefully I can shoot few coats of paint tomorrow.

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I've been working on the body this week but all my hard work didn't give me results. I had no idea the primer was so faulty until today when I shot few coats of base paint on the body. Zero Paints are really sensitive for the surface so any flaw on the primer will show up.

Plus I pulled off the pinstripe tape too late when the paint was already too dry, that's why the sidestripes are so rough.

Oh well, need to repaint the body now.





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Nice paint and color choice. I'm not a huge lowrider fan, but I enjoy the paint jobs and graphics done on them in this forum, and the cars used as subjects are often some of my favorites. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this. I just raised my beer as a salute!

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Got some more work done

First pattern for today, something simple:



Second pattern, with waterdrop effect



Put some waterdrops on the paint


And paint it some enamel black on them in very sharp angle. Didnt turn out very good but I tried this first time in my life so not too bad.



Let the water dry up(in my case in sunshine)


After water dried up, it looked like this


And added some shades


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Incredible masking job. I like the water droplets also. But, you might consider smaller droplets on your next job so they are a little more in scale. There is a good water droplet video on youtube. Nice work Six-Fo.

Yeah I was wondering the same thing how big I should do the droplets, but I decided to make big ones because if they were smaller, you could only see some black dots and you wouldnt understand if they were droplets or not.

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