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1964 Impala SS "Grand Finale"


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  • 6 months later...

Some progress 8)

Got the body polished





Got myself a TPI injection from AMT Firebird kit. Took hell of a work to get it fit, not to mention the struggle with fitting the distributor between injection and manifold


Scratchbuilt the air filter



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  • 2 months later...

I freakin hate it when tape pulls some paint off. Everything was perfect but the tape had to screw up. mad.gif I dont know what to do anymore, fixing with brush didint work out as you can see from pictures and I just dont want to start all over with primer and stuff.



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I feel your pain :( its rubbish like that that stalls projects and pushes you into starting another.

I think i must try doing one of these kits soon, i have not yet tried paint jobs like the ones in this thread.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I could really swear right now, but I dont want to get banned so I try to hold myself back

Anyways, heres the story:

I keep messing up the body color the more i build this car.

I did hell of a preparation this time to prevent all this, but i dont know what the hell is going on. First the quality was perfect, but messing up everything and fixing it brings the quality down

First the pinstripe tape peeled off paint, tried to fix it, but quality suffered bigtime


This is the comparsion of the previous paintjob, which i didnt work so hard on primer and surface preparation, but it didnt peel anything off.


And it has NEVER happened to me before, that a god ###### BMF peels off paint, i've only finished 3-4 trims and already these have happened:



Whats worst of it: I sold previous body because I was not happy with roof paintjob, but overall body quality was pretty ###### good. Now I managed to make a perfect quality paintjob(i will show it in few weeks maybe) but body quality gets worse and worse every day. Makes me wanna smash the whole thing to pieces and build a new one, but I have no time for that because model car show is 2 weeks away.

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I am very impressed with Your "tape work" Dude!

I should think that that would drive a person to "maddness!"


I am gonna give it a try on a lowrider I have planned!


Your patients with this paint work is just as impressive as your skills!

Thank You for sharing with Us all

A real knock out preformance Man!!




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