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1964 Impala SS "Grand Finale"


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Something I've been up to, sold the previous paintjob and got new body. Sorry for the blurry picture, it was taken with dishwasher:


Now I know we Americans are behind the Europeans in tech stuff .... Dishwashers that can take photos ... what will they of

think of next ... (tongue firmly in cheek)

Just playing, man!

Seriously, I love this type of paintwork , draws attention without being over the top

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If i can give you a good advice (7 years later, i know!) it's to clear your first color, because metallic paints are very fragile. Another is to clear before BMF, and i clear my BMF after too, because, that way it don't move when i'm completing the model. You probably knowing all that now, but it can help for another ;-)

By the way, both versions were amazing

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