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1972 Pontiac GTO to LeMans conversion?

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there's more to it than just a hood, the whole front was different.

unless he had the Lemans Sport with the GTO endura front clip like i did. in that case then the hood was the same as the GTO

Dave up here it was called the "Endura Option" in brochures, this below is a '72 LeMans with the "Endura Option"


That is the original paint and is still owned by the original owner, really nice older couple, the husband has owned quite a few nice Pontiacs and loves to talk about them :D


also, it was available on all models (sedans, coupes, wagens) and the T-37.

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To my uneducated eyes it looks, and since everyone thinks none exists, that a slight modification is needed. Slice out the sides of the hood scoop and lower is back down where it started. Putty and sand. I do see other things in the front that need work but the hood seems pretty doable.

I sympathize with you as I have to convert a '67 GTO into the '67 LeMans that I owned. :)

Be sure to post your progress and I hope the hood is as easy a job as it outwardly seems.

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If you were to make a 1970, The combinding the 70 Hood with the 72 Body would be a start, But to make any of the years 70-72 Involves alot of scratch building,And kit bashing. I have always wanted to build a 71 Lemans T-37 for along time now, But i'm having the same issue. The front clip is alot of work to convert it to the Lemans, First thing, The vents in the fenders by the doors have to be filled, The hood has to be flattend out, The bodyline added down the center, And the almost 95% of the front has to be scratch built, The front bumper could be done by using the Revell/Monogram 70 Trans Am rear bumper as a start, But that to would have to be modified alot. This would take Alot of work, But if done correctly would be a great conversion to cast,Or have cast by someone. Give it a try, If it doesn't turn out. Or does, I'm sure you would learn somthing new atleast to help you in the future on scratch building.

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As an insutance adjuster who does vintage cars, I have the original 'crash books' the body shops and insurance companies used to write estimates. On the 1971-1972 cars, the front clip is completely different except for the radiator support as has already been mentioned. Pieces for the front end are list as 'with Endura bumper' or 'with chrome bumper'. There were three hoods. Base LeMans, Base GTO and Ram Air. The hood in the kit is the ram air unit. Unless someone is making a resin casting of a chrome bumper car, your scratch building skills will get a test. A LeMans Sport could come with either bumper assy. The endura bumper was an option.

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