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A Plymouth in Company of some Chevy's

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Here's another Photo Shoot of some of my builds. Enjoy the pictures. :P

From Far Left to Right - 1958 Plymouth Belvedere/Fury; The 1956 Chevy Nomad (designed like the one Chip Foose Build in Overhaulin); and a 1955 Chevy Bel Air RetoMod









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I remember seeing the build of that Nomad on Overhaulin'. I loved the the actual car turned out. Now you do this replica, beautiful copy, I have to say! Your '55 is great lookin' too, that paint combo is just so realistic. I'm not a huge Chrysler fan but that Christine sure is purty... Nice clean builds, just like those 69 Camaros. :D

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i just dug out my Belvedere and am finishing it up.... sometimes i sharpie the date inside the body when i start one.... i started it in 2007! i think that kit is one of the best AMT ever did, even with it's issues; it builds up NICE and square with few problems and is very detailed. your builds are very clean, and your pics are nice and clear. more....

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