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Spyder Kart - Round 2 Rebuild


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Sixties Sam pointed out the lack of a gas tank on my go-kart. I had intended to build one, but it got lost in the details and I failed to do so. So now, to do things absolutely backwards, I will be doing a WIP after the under glass post which can be found here:


A translucent white plastic tank would probably be more appropriate, but I had the look of metal in my mind, so that's what it will be. I will also add a bit more detail, so the plan is as follows:

1. gas tank, filler cap and mounting platform

2. brake line and master cylinder

3. fuel line

4. throttle cable and carb linkage

5. added support for muffler (kinda hangs out in the air a bit )

6. digital panel on the steering wheel with control wire going to electronic module

7. (in consideration) front sheet metal panel over steering shaft with spyder decal. (very scarry)

First off, a platform was designed to fit between the frame rails. Small diameter tubing was cut in half to provide a saddle mount.


Here's how it sits in front of the steering mount upright.


for the tank itself, a couple of small chunks of styrene were carved into a basic shape and then wrapped with sheet styrene.


here's the basic components fit into place


I used a bit too much Ambroid to assemble the tank and ended up with a couple of dents, so some body work was required to straighten it out. A few coats of putty and gray Plastikote primer got it back into shape. Then it was wet sanded with 600 grit and shot with some craft store chrome. The hole in the top is for the filler cap. You can also see in this picture that I've started on a red anodized brake line.


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Thanks, guys, and thanks Sam for keeping a sharp eye out.

Here's a bit more progress. I finished up the fuel tank with a filler cap and a hex fitting for the fuel line. The brakes are also finished. I scratch built a master cylinder and hooked up the line going back to the disc brake caliper. I hope to make a couple of straps to hold the brake line to the frame rail before I'm finished with the updates. I started working on the electronic module tonight, so that should be the next update.



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Here's some more progress from last night and tonight. The electronic module started out as some model railroad siding. After painting the red, I burnished the ribs with some aluminum powder from the local craft store. The yellow coiled cord will go up to the steering wheel unit.

The second pic is the fuel line with an in-line pump powered by ??? I may have to add a small battery to my plans.



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this little thing is Sweet Alyn but i don't remember having a electric fuel pump on our shifter carts. the fuel is fed by pressure from the piston. So i don't think you have to worry about that battery. Just paint it white and make it an in-line fuel filter.

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I appreciate your interest and comments, my friends.

Thanks for the info, Romell. Consider it a filter, although I'm gonna leave it red. I may look for a flow direction arrow decal in my stash to give it a little more detail. My experience with karts is limited to the home-made variety with lawnmower engine power (gravity feed for the gas).

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Gonna call this one done (again).

I completed 6 of the 7 items at the start of this post about a week ago and was just waiting for some time to take some finished pictures. Item #7 would probably just obscure some of the detail, so I decided not to do it. Here's a shot of the completed kart. I'll post a few more in the Under Glass section. Thank you all for going through this update with me.


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