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Colour guidance for Revell Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

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Apologies if there is a specific section of the forum for this, but I have just joined and looking for a little advice.

I am building the Revell Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 1:24 and but want to paint it grey rather than the Ferrari Red that the manual specifies.

Can anyone advise which Revell colour is the best match for the Mercedes grey?

Thanks in advance guys! :)

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Fiirst off, welcome aboard Moray. This is a great place to hangout! Is the colour you are looking for "AMG Imola Gray Metallic"?

It is shown on this link:


The following link is a reference page for matching Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell, and Vallejo paint colors:


Looking at the Revell colors, it looks like the color, Iron 32191, might be in the ball park. It is a metallic as well. I did not look at the other paint charts. You might see something else from Tamiya, Humbrol, or Vallejo that is a better match. Good luck with your Mercedes SLS.

Cheers Bill Eh?

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Hey thanks for the reply and link to the chart. I will certainly have a look through them.

Thanks for the welcome, this looks like a really great site. I can't wait to start posting up photos of my Mercedes build in progress.

Thanks again!

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