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Citrus Coupe


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Hey Jim,

This is just beautiful! This is your best yet, and I know you must be proud of it. Man, this is sweet enough to eat. Post some more pictures, we didn't satisfy our sweet tooth yet.

For what it is worth, my lady friend does a lot of beading, and the stuff you can find at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart, etc. can really, as you have shown, be used to great effect, I brouse through those aisles too when I go to the store, lots of little tools and treasures, try some of their beading wire too, looks great and can be perfect scale for our uses.

Man Jim, this is just one great looking car, keep up the good work buddy, and thanks for posting.


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The frame is painted cream and suspension components are mango. Both colors are used in the interior and engine. I like tying my colors together like that.

I get more pics later today.

Thank you for the postive replies.

I only saw Natalya at O'Hare airport once and got a pic with her. I've tried sending her the pic to autograph but got no reply. Maybe she doesn't like me.

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Here's a couple more pics of my Citrus Coupe.



Bob - All I did for the taillight was to cutout the area and sand it down. I tried the bevel the edges. The actual taillight is clear acetate painted with a couple coats of Testor's metallic stop light red. After drying, I put a piece of BMF over the paint and used Micro Krystal Klear to glue it in.

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nice car! i have the sedan version too but now its a 37 ford sedan raodster. from a chopped top that failed needs alot of work on it though. i do wish revelle remake the 37 coupe version again. that would be nice that they did like the sedan and p/u truck. mabey we can all tell revelle to repop this 37 ford coupe kit again and it would a knock out seller. sounds good to me. any way cool car.

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