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I have always wanted a Miura/Jota on my shelf, so I couldn't pass on this Heller kit even though it's s'posed to be motorized, I'll just have to go curbside with this one. I do have three different wheel/tire combo's that I'm considering too.

All de-sprued and laid out


Bodywork done and sanded for primer with...

wheel choice 1-BBS wheels and kit tires


I went with a black primer so the side screens could be masked and stay black. I would like another of these kits to build Fl Black with the chrome screens

Wheel choice 2-kit wheels and tires


I planned a light to medium blue metallic for the body color then happened across pics of a orange-silver combo and fell for it hard, plus I had some Hugger Orange lying around so it was a done deal.

Wheel choice 3-Ferrari F50 wheels and tires. The F50 wheel rims are a perfect match diameter wise to the kit wheel centers, so I could use it's big inch tires/rim with the Lambo kit centers for a subtle modification.


This ones close to finished so I hope to be under glass soon.....Thanks for lookin'

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Here ya go.......When I bought this kit I pictured it with the BBS wheels on it but now they aren't doing it for me for some reason. I usually just keep playing around with wheels and tires on my builds until I'm close to done and just use what looks "right" on the car....... in my eyes. This one is following that same pattern. BTW Aluminum slots or Cragars just don't look right on here :P



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Can't remember where I got this kit but I'm glad I picked it up. Must have been a good price cuz I'm kind of cheap.

Hey, where you at in QC Nathan? My mom grew up in Moline, Dad across the river in IA by Eldridge....in the sticks.....and and they raised me just outside of D-port. Always good to hear from the hometown.

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Rob, do you have a pic of the box?

I have the old MPC one, but it's more like a toy in my unhumble opinion

Here ya go man? You can see why I had it in my head to use the BBS wheels(BTW they are not included in the kit). The body is pretty nice but the panel lines are shallow, I really wish I would have deepened them. The interior is fairly basic: Seats and console molded in the tub, no door panel detail, but the dash is nicely detailed with the gauges and such. Chassis is set up for and electric motor, not much detail to speak of there. The factory magnesium wheels have some excellent engraving on them. It will make a great shelf model.


Thanks for all your wheel opinions. I'm still not 100% decided on what I am going to use and am still digging through my stash for more candidates.

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