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Dodge Charger 1968 - Dick Landy

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The last today.

One of my favorits in my collection, Also a kit from Revell what made a lot of fun to build. I built it in October last year and primary i bought it because of the very cool decals. But the decals were not to old, no, they broke, when i put it into the water. Irreparably. So i built it in Street legal version. Last week i took him again and made it lower to the groung. Looks better for me.

Enough of words, here we go - Pictures please:







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Very nice looking, the color is really KOOL!!! Great lookiing interior too... The only bad part about this kit, not anything you did but, what Revell did, is that it is a '69 body and not a '68. I have this kit and also a Revell '68 with the side marker lights that were removed... I am just going to swap the bodies to make the correct year for the Dick Landy car...

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Thanks for comments!

Another beautiful build. What color is that?

Oha, you can ask things *lol*. Its a colour of my used 1989 Honda Civic (Japanese paint on a musclecar <_< ) I must search for the number of the paint...

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