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66 Olds 442 Convertible


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Hi fellows

today i want to show you another work, if a car tells a story - like my bulli "Horst" does.

This i built in April 2010 and it was my first model, that i opened the doors. And, till a hardtopcoupe isn't hard enough, i made it with a convertible. Why?

Of course, it belongs to the story:

This Olds is in a garage, they want to sale it. But, this stupid mechanic, how wants to change the sparkplugs, does nothing but s***. He has demolished a sparkplug. So he must pay for his own foolishness and repair it. The second guy has to clean up the car all over, but he is thinking, he has enough time to make a rest - not even the windshield is done...

Take a look - their are some pics more...






...to be continued...

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A diorama is a difficult project to complete and you have done well on a first attempt. I will mention a few things to keep in mind for next time.

Building a diorama is like freezing a point in time and we have to pay attention to the way things look in reality.

1/24 scale figures are large in the figure modelling world so you will want to use the most detailed ones that you can find, poor or lack of detail will detract from the rest of the composition. You will also have to spend as much time on them as on detailing the car etc.

Another thing to watch for is the effect of gravity, how things 'hang' and sit.

Different materials and finishes reflect light differently, as well the texture of the material must be considered.

The main thing is the forest and trees problem, don't get bogged down with details of the trees and forget how the forest is supposed to look, all the detail in the world won't save a model that defies the laws of physics or anatomy (even in Sci-Fi) or if the major construction or finish is shall we say, less than perfect.

Yes, I have a major, unfinished diorama that I have kept to remind me to make sure of my assumptions, three-quarters of the way through the project when I realized my mistake and the correction just is not good enough!

I hope this will help you on your next project, keep slugging!

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Thanks for your comments!

Hard to believe that is your firt model. Very ambitious, and for a first model, well done.

...a misunderstood Lee - i think. It is my first model, that i removed the doors and trunk, what i have done never before.

Badass! but one word of advise, but a dullcoat over their clothes. They look like they dressed in shiny vinyl.

...yes, i will do that.

Thank you Daniel for your execution!

To find "perfect" 1/24 figures in Germany is a very hard thing. So i have token, what i could get and only to put this ones in a box not my way. I only changes the colors of them. To make them real - i disagree with you - takes also as time as detailing the car. Thats right!

I am always trying, in each following build, to go as near as possible to real. But some things (like trees for example) i know, that i will never reach. With this point i have to live ;)

It is alway a lerning progress and i tip my hat for everybody, who make "perfect" landscaping in 1/24.

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This is really nice too! Figures are bit large, but otherwise they are pretty good, I think. One thing really caught my eye. Those cylinder heads aren't looking very realistic, when valve covers are off. I'd make some detailing there, but otherwise really nice build, I like it. Here is a picture what I did to my AMT Cylinder heads, not perfect, far away from that, but anyway. Original cylinder head, VS detailed one.


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Thanks Niko!

Thats correct and a will make it at (perhaps) a next garage-build. There are many thought from members, what i am not thinking about - and thats, why internet makes it better.

Let me explain your picture:

-> on the left (the original head) there the rocker arms mounted. it looks like, they removed only the valve cover to chenge the gasket.

-> on the right there are the rocker arms removed and "only" the valves and valve springs are to see. This heat is pefect for a workbanch!

Thanks for your suggestion!

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