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Back on the Bench - Randle Chupp's 2006 All Brass Dirt Late Model - Update 3/18/14


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This car has been sitting in a case for a couple years now, but I want to actually build something for me for a change.

So i'm going to try to get this and a couple other cars done in time for NNL 2012.


This car is going to take some work. It was an early prototype that i used to test parts and work some things out. A lot of parts are going to have to be replaced throughout.. but it's a start.

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First thing i had to do was remove the old rear end, and replace it with a newer one. The newer version uses metal pins to hold the lift bar mounts in place for strength. I swapped the birdcages from the old rear end to the new.


Then i built a new set of Wide-5 Hubs. These are still rough, the resin 'caps' are epoxied into place, the 'lugs' will be trimmed later. I keep them long so i can hold them while painting and priming.


Next up was a new set of brake calipers. Still need to be cleaned up and ready for prime and paint with Alclad Chrome.


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I did a little work yesterday, but wasn't able to do anything new today. Here i'm mocking up the rear brakes to make sure everything fits. The difference between these brake calipers and others, is that they are connected to the axle with some clips. The whole rotor assembly can rotate completely separate from them. The two 'giant' silver pins you see sticking out the back are those mounts.. they are clipped off after attachment. They are long now as i still have to paint the calipers, they are still in raw brass.


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My drag truck project stalled for a moment while i sort out the tire issue, so i thought i'd get back to this long standing project and see if i can't get it finished.

This project has changed over the years because i keep changing some of the components out with newer stuff.

I've been messing around with the new-ish Frankland Hubs and looking at how they go together, how they look, etc.

The funny thing about macro photography is, it shows you things you can't even see with your naked eye.

The hubs in person look a lot smoother.

I guess i'll do some more sanding on them before calling them good.

Painted with Testors Metalizer Buffing Magnesium.

At the same time, i've been tweaking the design of the old spindles. The original ones were meant to mount the hubs with a 0-80 socket head screw. To use the new hubs, i replaced the nut insert with some round tube with a metal pin soldered into it.



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They do look better after a wet sand, but still not perfect. I'm going to call the hubs good though. I have a bunch more to finish up.

I put the brake rotors together and gave them a coat of etching primer.

My goal with these is to give them a raced a few times look to them. I purchased a rusting agent, and am going to try it out on the brake rotors.

I'm going to try rusting the inside of the rotor's fins, then polishing/sanding back on the edge of the rotor to the stainless steel. If it works, it should look pretty realistic.




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Some more work on the hubs tonight. Did a test of one way of doing the rotors. Painted them with Metalizer Exhaust, then after it dried sanded back to the stainless steel on the rotor's side.

I'm doing some in a test of a rusting agent, but it has to cure overnight, hope to have an example of how they look tomorrow.

the 3D printed hub itself is accurate, though has a rough finish, still wish i can find a way to solve it.




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