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Resin Mustang Lx's a Comparison and Review thread.

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Ok, So we have now seperated the lower half, and we have our lines drawn in marker.

We will scribe these lines in a momnent, but first we need to add one more line. I used some 2mm pinstripe tape, to do this, or you could use Tamiya fine line tape or ...

In any event, you want a new line, 2 mm from the bottom of the front of the bumper, like so... these will be our scribe lines.

(These need to be scribe lines as we will be reusing this piece!) (note: I have filled some "imperfections" on my piece using ca glue.)


In any event we need to carefully remove this piece, so that we can re use it...

I used the back of an xacto blade to "scribe" the marker lines, until I had it cut out.


Now that we have removed this piece, we need to glue it back in!

Instead of the bumper being flat here, we need to glue it in at roughly a 30-45 degree angle.

This will give us our much needed downward angle.


Now we turn our attention to the lower portion. If your bumper looks like mine, 3mm below the trim, and 3 mm left of the portion removed from the bottom, you'll need to add 3 mm to the lower portion, in the rear, and 2mm in the front. Does this make sense? The overall goal should be 9 mm rear, 8mm front. (Someone correct me if I am wrong, please.)




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Here is the lower most portion with the styrene added...


Here is the top portion sitting on the lower portion...


Here are the two portions attached together.


Note the opening is seemingly the same size yet the proportions are much closer.

One more...


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  • 1 month later...

I finally got my hands on a "New" resin hatchback, that included a "factory" rear spoiler.

So I thought I'd post it here, as well as the pics of an unaltered body "New" Resin LX Hatchbody.

Head on:


Side shot:


From above:


Above and behind:


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  • 1 month later...

So I was looking through my collection of resin parts I have and I realized I had left some items out, of the comparison.

So without further hesitation here are those items...

1991-1993 "Pony" wheels:

On the left are the ones from Missing Link resin Casters. On the right the wheels from AF/X.


Missing Links wheels are a direct copy of a set of pristine kit wheels.

Af/x's are as well, however they have been "cut" down.

I'll let you decide which are better.

Saleen style rear wings:

(pictures below have been edited for brightness and contrast.)

Top view:

Again Missing Link offering on the left, AF/X on the right...


Bottom view:

Missing link on the left AF/X on the right


Cowl Hoods :

(clockwise from left rear : AF/X, Unknown, AF/X and Reliable Resin)

Top views:


Bottom views:



1.Cobra ? Cowl hood ?? Appears to be have been an attempt to re-design the first cowl hood.

2.Double cowl or Cobra R hood? A bit rough lots of air bubbles.

3.AF/X Resin cowl hood, probably the first resin cowl hood on the market for foxes. Showing it's age, loosing detail, from castings.

4.Reliable resin's cowl hood appears to be a recast AF/X as they appear to have roughly some of the same flaws?

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If you guys are looking to build the FOX, look down into the FOX Community Build Project thread in that section of the board. Lots of info on the coupes, Cobra, and converts. Plus, maybe an idea or two for builds. It is on-going, so if you decide to join up you will be perfectly welcome to do so!

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I have a Revell 93 GT Convertable any info on thos? hiusken33

It looks really good

I have no clue what you guys are refering to, sorry ?

Well, based on the fact that Revell waited 30 some odd years to make a 69 Camaro kit in 1/25th scale, and given the worlds technologies, we should see one in roughly 6-8 years.

Of course with the technologies of Rapid proto typing advancing everyday, it'll probably be a downloadable program to "make" your own kit. Probably with a glitch that makes the body oddly mishapen,

in one way or another. :D:P

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  • 1 month later...

Who wants an update?

Since I didn't specify a year for the comparison thread, and since it is so frequently mentioned through-out the thread...

I have decideded to add a M.A.D. resin 79 coupe to the thread.

For those interested, here is what I received...



Headlights and taillights and most of an interior?


Has any resin Mustang coupe been this complete before?


It's own set of decals? WOW!


A fairly complete kit, for the most part. The only thing I really missed is the side mirrors.

If it had included those, ANY MPC kit would be a good donor. (HINT!)

I also wish it had a set of front buckets, to match the rear seat, since those are only available in one kit.

(Not a necessity, since many would use an after market seat in their build any way, but a nice luxury to have, an option for if building a stock/ semi stock unit.)

Proportion wise it's pretty darn close to perfect.

The body and fender lines around the door were not made. (To replicate an MPC factory body, perhaps? )

This means each modeler has to make their own. ( Good and bad sides to this, you decide.)

Now, as with any resin kit I expect it to have issues. a few air bubbles here and there are to be expected...BUT

The one thing that slightly peeved me about the copy that I got is that the hood is terribly thin.

(So thin, that it will NOT be used, for fear of warpage)



Here is the hood on the body, notice the body brace shows through the hood...


It's a small issue, since the donor kit will lend a hood anyway.

And since I bought it direct from Kris I am sure he would replace it if asked....

A somewhat minor let down in an otherwise outstanding kit, to be sure.

As always your opinions may vary.

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Jason, I would be happy to replace the hood if you like. If you wanna wait, I could replace it with the cowl hood that is in the mastering stage. Should you have to ask? No, you should not. However, I am human and, do have somethig slip by from time to time. Heck, I have spent $27,000 on a real brand new Mustang that had a few issues.(LOL)

Thank you fro the review.

As for the lack of the buckets, simply done as a cast saving measure. This was our first body/trans kit and, we wanted to keep the cost down where we could.

Edited by Kris Morgan
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WOW!! Now that's customer service.

I am not even done typing and editing and Kris is already offering a new hood

I appreciate the offer of the replacement hood, truly I do.

But as I said, it's a minor issue, because the donor kit will lend it's hood. with no problems. ^_^

And I understand why you didn't cast the front seats, but maybe if there is enough demand you could offer them on the side?

(If you need a set, I'd be happy to send you a couple.)

If you were going to add anything, I'd add the side mirrors. They are really the only thing I found missing to make it a complete trans kit.

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It is getting close to retooling time for this one Jason. Perhaps the mirrors are something we should add to it. Having the seats avalible seperate might be a good idea too. That is what we did with the TRX wheels. Being that the 87--88 kit is the intended donor. Again, the wheels where"skipped" to save costs. Must people are building these as drag or, street cars. Had I known you were using one of the 79-82 kits as a donor, we could have alao left out the inerior parts (minus the package tray) and, brought the cst down.

Thanks for the kind word on our customer service.

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Kris and his crew (if he even really has a crew :) ) do a great job at these Coupes. I have two, and will more than likely add more. The ONLY thing I can suggest is get a chassis/interior under/in them as soon as possible. One of my bodies looks very well warped from sitting in the box (no fault of Kris' as it is the nature of thin-cast resin). I was able to talk with Kris at this years' Toledo NNL and find him to be a stand-up guy with a great product. The gentleman whom mastered this body is also a member her who goes by RepStock. He is meticulous in his builds. Any reservations I did have about the accuracy of this body were quickly put to rest when I received mine (I am a bit of a FOX fanatic).

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  • 3 weeks later...

I broke down and purchased a cowl hood from PSF Hobbies for the 87-93 Mustang, it arrived the other day. So I thought I would show you all what its like ..

The pics may make it look a bit rougher then it really is, and the transaction went smoothly...



With a AF/X / Reliable Resin hood (PSF on the left, the darker of the 2)



They are indeed quite different, though similar in overall shape. the angles of the cowl are not the same.

Since the front of the cowl is more closed on the PSF Hood (It is solid,) it may need sanded, or trimmed for exotic engine applications.

The overall casting is a little rougher then I was expecting, but it's also thicker then the others, and so should prove easyier to modify. and possibly less prone to warp?

In addition to the hood I was also able to finally talk a certain someone out of ...

an 87-93 Mustang LX Hatchback body from AAM!

Comparison coming soon!

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O.K. as promised...

I scoured the internet looking for pictures of bare resin AAM Mustang LX hatchbacks. All I could find were 2 from Dwayne50.

Here they are...



I put up ads and asked everyone I could think of for a body. All to no avail.

I did have two people come through, though...

One GAVE me a fairly rough AAM LX Coupe . The other person though... that other person... that I shall not name ...(You KNOW who you are !) ...he came through.

He sold to me a slightly marred, BUT all original AAM Mustang LX Hatchback casting ! A GIANT THANKS once again sir!!

So let's get on with the review shall we?

Here are the pics.

The front end: A fairly standard AAM front bumper but modified with a thicker grille bar, (better centered)?


Left side :

Notice the SVO side trim. Nicely done Quarter windows. 5.0 badging.


The rear:

Here is where this one is marred. Normally it would have molded in taillights. I posted the pic from Dwayne50 above, so that you could see what they would look like,

since these have been removed. This version also featured a Molded in rear spoiler with center lamp detail added. Not the best rear spoiler, but not the worst either.

Again notice the older 79-84 side and bumper molding. Notice the Mustang on the rear bumper.


Right side :


And the interior:

A very nicely crafted piece! Not accurate, but nicely done. Basically an SVO interior with an updated console. ( I have not tried placing the newer dash in it, yet)


And the whole package as recieved...


In summary...it's not a bad effort for it's time.

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't my favorite of all reviewed here so far.

It's not accurate, but it was a good attempt 20 some years ago.

I don't think, I am in the minority here either, or I don't believe that I'd have had such trouble finding one, given how many casters have made them.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thank You for doing this thread. Now as it looks as the MAD Notch looks to be the better version, and the talk about Revell coming with one, I'm looking forward to see the latter ones built.

Also a thanks to Kris Morgan whom clearly tells that if You don't need the complete kit, You could order the parts You need. This makes it far more intersesting for guys like me, whom barely build stock.

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A little bit of bad news for those that may be following this thread.

Replicas and Miniatures Of Maryland told me they are discontinuing the 10 hole wheels. So if you want to get them from the master I would suggest you hurry.


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