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'77 Jeep CJ7


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Hi Im new to the forum Ive been looking around here for a long time now but this is going to be my first post.. It's a 77 jeep cj7, It's my most recent build. The only thing I done to it to customize it was lift it a little. On this model i had to cut the differential and axles off of the leaf springs and flip them. The color is spray can testors one coat star spangled blue...


100_1756 by moparkid13, on Flickr


100_1755 by moparkid13, on Flickr


100_1757 by moparkid13, on Flickr


100_1774 by moparkid13, on Flickr

Let me know what ya think and thinks for looking...

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Looks good, shiny paint and nice detailing. The only flaw I saw was on the picture of the left front fender there looked to be a mold line that could have been sanded off, otherwise it appears that you have the skills to build nice models!

Keep them coming, I would like to see more of your work!

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Nice Jeep you got there.

Like everyone else said, aside from the faults we see (which aren't that many) you have the high potential to be a master modeler one day.

(Heck, looks like you have a better start than I did)

BTW, not to hijack this thread or anything. But i'd like to show off my CJ-7 I did a few months ago.

Mostly box stock, aside from adding a HEMI motor from a '32 Ford 5 window kit.

I even left the kits molded color on the body, being there were no inperfictions or swril marks. Then I sanded off the mold lines and whatever other junk, and just applied future floor wax on it.






I left the doors off because they were a pain to get right due to warpage (maybe because mine is an older issue while yours is a newer release which should have a better casting)

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