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1957er Chevy Bel Air - "Roling Restauration"


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Hi everybody,

today i want to show you my 57 BelAir. On this kit i made some more technics to weather all parts of it. Like interieur, exterieur and Decals. I built it in June this year, based on the first issue of the Revellkit.

The History of Belair:

The Chevy has come on in years and has a wild youth behind. The current owner has taken care of him. He is currently at the stage when he left the front damage repaired with used parts front and rear wheel arch on the left has been de-rusted and primed. The trapper damage, the rust on the rear and right are still so when he bought it in pitiful condition - for which he cares little by little.

Inside, he has had more luck. The inventory lists a broken window on the right, worn seat cover, headliner loose and dirty panels / rear seat, the rear parcel shelf has been cracked by the sun - everything is possible. Well, the side windows are renewed.

The owner can not waive his or her means. So he must always carry out the work so that he comes to the job every day. What happens to the engine? Additionally, he is still at odds ...

Therefore: "Rolling Restoration":

And now? Photos (a little more than usual) around the outside at irregular times. Have fun;)







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No need to apologize for posting all the photos!! Great idea, great planning & great execution! I especially like the well weathered old racing decals on the replacement parts, the area of the gas cap, (& the cap itself), & the very realistic look of the passenger's side interior door panel tossed in the trunk. Both are nice examples of subtle details done just right & look very correct & realistic.

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Wow! Everywhere you look. This is just too much. I really like all of the little things you've done. the spare off the rim was great. I think I would have chosen a different type wheel for the front though. To my mind that type wheel would have been used on a different type race car, an altered or maybe a rail dragster. Either way this is one killer build. I just looked at the picks again and noticed the KI11ER plates. Again, Dominik , great job.

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Thank you for comments - thats the reward of the labor! Thank you buddies! :)

i have a small passion for these old kits. I love it (my girlfreind too), if i can open all doors and hoods. This one i became built and wanted to remove the paint on it. The bath in overcleaner was tooo long and the plastic was soft after it...so he became rust and bulges.

Perhaps, i get the chance, to build one in "showroomcondition" - even a new kit from this issue is in my shelf and is waiting for...

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Mo Par powered is perfect . You must have spent some time in one of these tri-fives Chevies to know the truth . The only thing missing is the dents in the trunklid from people pushing to get the deadling off the road . Good catch on the wedgies to keep the window up . Also the failed attempt of duct tape on the rear right window . The inner door is precise . The many little details make this a quite unique and complete model . Is the exhaust rotted out or is it brand new to avoid an unwanted attraction of the local Police ?? In reality , many cars in the '60's looked like this in the one the Steeltowns . The one I grew up in located in the rustbelt . The leftover '50's beaters . Thanx ..

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Thanks again for kindest words!

I like the first issue kits and to build it gives me more fun as a new kit. One from these BelAir i have in my shelf and will build it in showroom condition.

John, the exhaust is changed from the owner. The same time, as he changed the engine for more speed ;) - to arrive his work fast and to have more time to spend on his car.

Steve, all the stuff like bottles, boes, radio in the trunk, coolerhose is self made. a little crazy thing.

The "Fireball Roberts Parts" was the idea, that i found in the web, as i searched for decals to make a weathering on it. To make it authentic i took these "22". I changed the bonnet, removed the quarterwindow (?) at the driversdoor and ordered the original decalsheet to go as close to the original Fireball Bel Air with the "used" parts.

Thanks Doc, i will go on with some rusty cars. ;)

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