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Chrysler Turbine Car from the movie "The Lively Set"


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here are presented

Chrysler Turbine Car

from the movie

The Lively Set - 1964


Jo-Han, 1 / 25, # EZ-202

Changes to the production vehicle, I would like to mention only short

- Remove the vinyl roof

- Remove the logos and lettering

- Remove the Fenderskirts

- Remove the windshield wiper

- Make U-bolts and belts of

- Make interior and exterior mirrors

- Make the decals new, becaus the decals in the kit are not correct

- Replace the serial form beautiful wheels with steel rims Ford F100 ('53)

First, the images to the original:



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I never ever saw the movie . In fact, I never ever saw the Turbine car , except one time in traffic one time . I had one of the leased owners addresses, but he kept it in a garage off the street . I always wanted Chrysler to have made the car available as it had loads of potential . Ed Shaver

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Nicely done! I never saw the movie and do recall seeing pictures of the car a long time ago, maybe in a magazine article.

The only thing I would say is off a bit on your model is the size of the roof number. It could have been a little bit bigger...the only reason I noticed is the real picture beside the model!

I am jealous of your work on this! I'd like to be capable of making my own decals...one day!

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Thank you everybody for your words! Thanks a lot!

I never seen the film till i bought the EZ-built-kit. There is a picture from it on the side and this makes me wondering. So i searched the web, ordered the movie and watched it second to second. Informations and pictures are hard to find from it, so i built it like the car in the movie with a couple of shotscreens. Made a lot of fun!

The bad was, that the decals from the kit didn't looks like the movie car. And, Toni, thats right: the number on the roof must be bigger. but there is no point to be jealous ;)

To make your own decals you only need

- Decalpaper clear or white,

- a good graficprogram like Photoshop and sometimes Office for letters,

- a photoprinter,

- Clearcoat,

- time and loss to make it.

not rocket science :D

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