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Need quieter compressor

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I do not think any compressor is quite. I have mine in a room in the basement we do not use and run to my shop with a piece of PEX. In a shop years ago we made a vented box outside to put the compressor in so we would not have to hear it all day. Sorry I can not be more help.

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Not sure if you get them over there, but I've had one of these for the last year, and it is pretty quiet when it's in operation, and because of the airtank, it hardly runs when your using it.


Ref: AB-AS-186

Ultra quiet (54db) - can be used unobtrusively in the home

Maintenance free oil-less piston design with lightweight aluminium construction

Built in carry handle - light and easy to transport

3.0 litre Receiver tank - ensures pulse free output, and use of up to two airbrushes simultaneously (adaptor required)

Industrial type Pressure regulator with gauge, water trap and air filter

Pressure relief safety valve

Rubber feet

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You can also use a common CO2 tank for beverage dispensers. It will be totally silent. The gas will also be completely dry. My friend is a professional artist and she gets about 6 months out of a single fill on a 25lb tank.

You might need to cobble up some plumbing to get the airbrush hose attached, but if you can get to a 1/4" pipe thread, you should be set.

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For the ultimate in quiet, you can't beat a Co2 tank, it's totally silent. The drawback is lugging the thing back to get it refilled every so often.

If you don't need absolute quiet, get a small tankless "silent" compressor. They're not literally silent, but they're quiet enough where they probably wouldn't disturb anyone. I have an Iwata, and when it's running it's about as loud as an electric can opener.

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Hey Steve,

I have the exact same compressor that Geoff posted a picture of, it is an extremely good unit in my humble opinion. It has a tank on it, so when tank comes up to pressure, the compressor stops running, when it is running it is very quiet, it also has a regulator and moisture trap, which are things you will really want. I got mine from TCP Global Paint Supplies, a little pricey, but this should last for years, worth the money, and you don't need to buy additional items (except airbrush) to make it work. Keeps it simple and easy. I really like mine, had it over a year and can't find a single fault with it. Hope this helps.


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