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Just completed this puppy. I primed with Platicote grey primer and shot some decanted colorshift blue/purple over that, and then clear. That's real wood in the bed. The 6 cylinder engine came out and I stuffed one of my BB 427 Chevy castings and valve covers in its' place. I made a console for the interior with a couple of my casted seats. Hope you like it.






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Hey Jim,

This looks just great, I think the interior looks fantastic, paint is SHINY just the way you like it. Is the paint Plastikote too? I like the colorshift, haven't tried it before, but this is inspiring me big time. The wood in the bed is a really nice touch as well, just a sweet and clean build....oh, and did I mention it's SHINY? Very very nice Jim, thanks for posting.


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Like it alot! The colorshift paint over the gray looks pretty good; reminds me of a pink-shift paint I remember seeing ona few tuner cars I saw in som mags many years back. Maybe I should do that to mine when I get to christmas (presents!) time.

Speaking of that ...

The color reminds me of the Taurus "Iris" color in the very late 90's ... which conjures up a funny but true story.

I worked for a large corporation that had many field personnel who were assigned full-use company cars. One of the little perks was that we could order our own cars with options and colors that we wanted.

When I transferred to the Phoenix area, I found it to be a large regional office with many assigned full-use Tauruses (Tauri?) running around, most of which were common colors, but one of which was the irridescent "Iris" color much like CrazyJim's truck. I expected to see a female employee driving the Iris Taurus, but to my surprise ~ it was ordered by and driven by a bearded male employee. Being politically correct, I never inquired of his personal life but had my suspicions. Eventually I got to know him - well - and was somewhat surprised to learn he was married, for many years, and had three kids!!

And, I eventually learned the reason for his selection of the Iris color for the Taurus: One of his daughters was struggling with school and was lagging behind the grades being achieved by his other two. He was about due to replace his existing, masculine black company car with a new car, so he bribed his daughter into getting better grades by promising to allow her to pick out the color of his next company car. The 'due date' for the improved grades coincided with the arrival of the new Taurus model year and his company car order.

You guessed it, he was mortified to see Ford offering the new, iridescent Iris color in the new Taurus lineup and sure enough, daughter-dearest declared that to be her choice of color for his new company car!!

I was impressed with his integrity and his courage: for the next two years he drove the rather effeminate looking company car to honor his promise to his daughter. He fielded the ribbing well. He did admit, however, that he took extraordinary efforts to rack up the mileage as quickly as he could! His next company car was again manly black and he never again offered that particular incentive to his kids.

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