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Brown Paper Bag

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:lol: I'm still relatively new here and haven't been able to read every post here, so I don't know if this has been posted before, but anyway...

After watching my wife put urethane on wood that was stained, she would take a plain brown paper bag, used for lunches, and rub down the urethane after it was dry to get rid of the little bubbles. Well, after picking up a 5 oz. can of Dupli-color "Charcoal Gray Metallic" and shooting my '68 Road Runner with it, I noticed that it had a rough texture on it when I ran my finger along the side. I saw a brown paper bag near my model stuff and decided to try and rubb off the rough stuff on my model. Well, I have to say that the results were quite impressive :lol: It took enough of the rough texture off of the model so when I put the clear coat on, it will be much easier to polish out. The nice thing about it was... it did NOT leave any sanding marks on the paint, and it only took me a few minutes to rub the whole model "smoother".

I hope this will help some of the modelers that paint with "Metallic" paints.


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On the full size thing, the idea is to NOT touch the metallics (base coat) until some sort of clear is sprayed. Often they will spray an intermediate coat of clear on the paint and do any graphics on that, then finish (shiny) clear over everything.

I don't know how the paper bag would do, seeing as most metallic paint used on models is intended to be a finish coat and therefore much more durable when getting smoothed out. It sounds plausible, but I haven't tried it, although I will approach with caution (as in practice on something first.)

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Well, paper bags have many uses like you can see here in a bomb squad.

This is my definition of a son of a...........


Sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

Yeah theres a good idea!!! Lets go scare the guy whos trying to disarm a BOMB mabye he'll just jump and not cross the wires up killing everything in sight LOL. Sheesh rubbing paint out with the bag sounds like a much better idea to me. I'll have to give this tip a try.


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