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I think Cranky posted the link directly from his account, which is why it's trying to get you to sign in. Here's his channel, you can find it towards the top along with other videos:


actually, I think he posted a generic link to "my videos" because it took me to MY videos, thus it would want you logged in to your own account so it could show you your own videos.

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I guess it's up to me to save this from slipping to page 2.

Anyway, work is nearly complete on the Interceptor. The interior is alot more work that I imagined, it's missing a few elements, but it's so crowded in there now, only a replica builder would notice.

I need to do something about these jerry can lids:




Some interior shots before it gets sealed up:



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I'm also working on a Ford 2.3 litre engine to transplant into this bug:



Right now, its got an LS1? from a Camaro in it. It looks cool, but would be a wheelie poppin, tail draggin machine. The 2.3 Ford is a real-world engine swap, and a bit more practical.

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Hello Doc, Here are three sign's & one poster I found that I thought you might could photo shop to make some street sign's and may be a bill board or flyer's out of the one ... Any way, here is what I found;





I thought they were cool and ya'll might get a kick out of um... :D !!!!

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I just saw the hobbit today, and saw the trailer for World War Z and thought of this community build and I imagine that the movie is the start of all this. but to be honest I wasn't sure what it was until the title appeared because the zombies don't look like zombies and they don't act like true zombies. But I'll still go to see it even if it terrible.

Heres the trailer

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Here's the Ford 2.3 SOHC engine swap in progress on my Bug. The Weber carbs are from a Tamiya Countach.


Here's the next wastelander. A rebuild of a gifted glubomb Datsun pickup gasser. I was gonna make a towtruck, but the bed is too small for the stuff I've got.


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wow..i actually got something to show :)

my main focus has been on the interior tub and i am happy with the way it is now

seats are from the parts box

steering wheels is from a VW street bug

gauges are from the 64 marauder (pretty happy with the way they came out)

CB is from the parts box and guns are from roscoes cruiser



come to think of it, this is also the first time im able to show it with the engine in place

i had to rebuild the cross member on the frame and lengthen the draveshaft to make the 350 RBA to sit right where i wanted it but i think i managed to get it just right


once i get the headers in i can wire her and mount her permanently

i have also mounted the gas cylinders in the trunk and ran a few lines to them

im still planning on making some gauges on there


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