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Hi buddies,

here is my last built in 2011 - completed in November.

My Dodge A-100 Delivery Van:


It based on the old IMC-Kit and a Resinbody (i think you know it) from Jimmy Flintstone


To this body i will say, that it fixed perfect! The quality was really good and so i had only cut a little bit on the front and backframe. Also the windows and Doorpanels fixed perfect. Well done Jimmy! That was a easy and funny built.

Enought of words, here are some pics - enjoy it ;)




...more coming up...






...for a look inside the van...

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There was the body from the mpc-kit, that i built to a trailer. So he must not take the mud, trees or flowers in his beautiful van ;)




At last an overall view...


...and so he can go up for buisness.

One note to the buisness:

it is a real landscaping service in Florida - i like this place of the world.

Thanks for your attention. Comments, critism is alway welcome.

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This is just way too cool! You do great work, the trailer and odds & ends added really make it stand out. I used to have a window-van version of the Dodge while I was in the service, the most fun vehicle I ever owned. Sitting on top of the front wheel with that big, flat steering wheel was like driving a bus. I'm gonna have to get one of these. Thanks for the memories and again, great job!

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Thank you very much for your kiinda words - thanks!

I also love this Dodge. It looks "sweet" and to drive with it...i can feel you, Bruce. I wished, i could see a real one here in Europe to touch em.

Looks really good. :) The interior details are sharp. Where'd you get the pop bottle?

The bottle is selfmade.

You know the branches of the modelkits, in which the components are mounted.

1.) I take a clear one,

2.) hold it over a candle untill it is a bit soft,

3.) pull it apart. Not fast....smooth pull.

Where it tapers know, i cut the part out.

4.) Now i paint the bottle with a label on one side

5.) for the filling stance of the "soda", i paint on the other side with Tamiya Clear colors.

The stretch is a metter of practice ;) and the quality of amt, monogram or revell is different. Try it, that will work ;)

I hope i have explained clearly?

Once again, thank YOU for comments :)

Edited by Dominik
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