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OT: Sad news for those who have been following along...

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At 7:31 Today Feb. 15 2012, my loving wife Bobbi Bastedo lost her long battle with cancer, and passed away peacefully. She was resting comfortably and simply stopped breathing. I wish to thank all of you who held us up in prayer, and took the time to send messages of encouragement and support. Many of you praised me for the love I showed toward Bobbi, but she gave as good as she got and more. She truly was the light in my darkness and the lifeline to which I clung to. It was through her that I learned my hearts full capacity, and if not for her I would have never known the love a father feels for his child. Morgan Nowak & her mother are the twin miracles that raised the level of joy in my life to the point I can barely remember the darkness my heart was in before they came into my life.

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Darin,there are no words to say that will make your loss of a loved one go away.I am sorry for your loss and may God be with you in your time of need.I'm about 35 min north of you.If you need to just get out for a while give me a shout.Tim.

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My thoughts and prayers to you Darin in this trying time. Take solace in knowing that she is in a better place and no longer suffering and that you two will meet again.

You have exhibited such strength during what had to be a difficult time and the beautiful words you wrote in the OP show us all how we should view and treasure our spouse as tomorrow is truly a gift.

Should you need our help, know that your "forum family" is here for you.

Take care and God Bless

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