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Here are a few of my slot Cars I've built

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Thanks guys,

Gregg I make the rims. Thats what I do, I'm a Slotcar Manufacture. I make the chassis, bodies, wheels and tires, motor tools.We have cars that have been 130plus mph on a 1/25 Quater mile (55ft). I'm alway working on new stuff. Here is the newest car.







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Thanks again.

Well ra7c7er, No our front wheels are not touching the track. For Drag racing we keep them off for a couple reasons. 1st it drag, will slow ya down. 2nd we want the braid on the car to have as much contact with the braind on the track, thats where the car is getting its power! Now for the roundy round cars same ideal, but the front wheels come into play is around the turns. If the car starts to lean in the corners, the front wheel will help the car get around the turn. There is a fine line.

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Not to be wise Joe, but PLEASE spend less time building Pretty Cars and more time updating your catalog, Website ect....., or send me part and I'll do it! I can never find everything you make man :) I'm so in love with those FEDs.

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