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I thought I posted this project here already but I cannot find it. I hope I am not starting another thread with a different name for the same thing.

I began to build the 377 A/E Peterbilt in April 2011. It is still in progress. I just wanted to add another step but I probably never posted the project here. If someone remembers seeing these pics on this forum, please let me know.

So, here is the beginning. I plumbed the frame and added the brake details. Another added item is the height control valve.








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Thank you guys for your comments. I kept 60 series DD in mine. I built three 60 series engines at a time. Each a little bit different from the others. They are all painted with humbrol enamels and weathered with oils. I chose one of them and installed it in the 377 frame. I changed the air filter a bit and added the mounts that hold it on the top of the engine. The mounts are made of a beer can tin.







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Here´s a few more pics of some parts that I modified. Even though the dashboard has a correct decal in the reissued kits, the embossed instruments remained wrong. I drilled out the holes in the correct places, cut the decal into pieces and attached the scales from behind. I painted the woodgrain with a help of a sponge on the insruments panel and the inside door panels too.

I never liked the fifth wheel from Italeri, so I changed the shape and added the handle.

I coiled a wire and replaced the molded one on the 5-th wheel support panel.

The hood has inside details added.

The radiator is weathered some details added.








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There you have it folks, another work of art from Mr.Truckabilly, Jarda Tulacek. From the Czech Republic! How come you know so much about North American trucks Jarda?? I am amazed at what you make of these truck models... Great work, keep the pictures coming, this is good entertainment!

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Thanks. All my knowledge about North American trucks comes from watching pics on the net. Truckpaper, Hank´s, Public Fotki, Flicker, Tim´s web sites, this here forum and some of the others... There is a whole lot of things that I do not know at all about North American trucks. But when I build a truck I try to get as much studying material as I can.

Like the pictures of Peterbilt interiors showed me some different details than the kit offers. So, I made some minor modifications. The inner window rim is missing on the door. I made one. No seat belts in the kit? A stripe of cigarette paper (I ain´t no smoker, I swear) and plastic junk and there you go. Got a pair of 3 pt. seat belts. No equipment for communication? Oh, come on! Have you ever seen a semi in North America without a CB? Or radio? What do the guys of Revell or Italeri think?

No carpets with the red oval logo on them? Find yourself a way to make them. I found me a poor man´s way. B&W copy of the decal logos on a regular paper cut out and glued onto self-made carpets. Painted, weathered... who can tell it isn´t embossed?

That is my usual way of building a model.






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I said I do not know a lot about American trucks. Like the bottom side of the floor was just a pure guesswork. I do not know how the structure details look like and where they located. What lines and which way they go under the cab and sleeper. How the clutch pedal is connected with the clutch. Okay, I managed to get a few pics lately but I´d still like to find some more.

Anyway, my floor´s bottom side is in the pic.

Bandit1 likes my paint scheme. Here is the overall cream colour and masking for the red stripes. Will show them in the next round. Thanks for looking.






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There is more work yet to be done on the on the paint scheme to call it finished. I have just a few pics for now. I took them right after the red stripes were sprayed.

I took the cab and other parts to the local modelers meet last weekend. It was my first opportunity to use a real airbrush. The owner of the spray gun tought me how to use it and, in fact, it was him who painted the stripes for me. His paint job looks a lot better than mine. I will have more pictures after I spray the clear coat.

This si how far I got with this project. From this moment on my posts will be in accordance with the progress.






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That's the truck I was thinking of!


My inspiration came from these pics. The pattern is not exactly the same, the colors are not authentic. I used GSI semi gloss 45 for the cream and GSI gloss 100 for red.

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Nicely done!! By the way my can-do makin some awesome progress as soon as its done i will kick out the pics!! By the way have to agree with you the decals sucked luckily i got a hold of 2 sets!!

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You should do a tutorial on your seat belts !





My way of making the seat belts is simple. The belt is cut off a cigarette paper, two layers glued by a white disperse glue for paper and painted black or whatever colour the belt might be. The buckles are cut off a junk plastic. Then there is a wire and a bit of a photoetched rim to complete the buckle

I have never seen the seat belts of the US trucks in a great detail. The design may be more of an European car. The pictures show the things needed and the work flow.


















I used brush for painting for it was quick. But the airbrush would probably make a better result. I am glad if it you find this tutorial useful.

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