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More Fun in 1:64th Scale. Superdetailed? Dirt Late Model

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I've done a fair number of cars in 1:64 for customers, but have only really built one for myself.

I've been in the mood to push the limits for small scale modeling.

It started with a stand i'd kind of thrown together on my last set of plates i'd had done. I wanted a more interesting way of displaying the cars without the wheels and tires.



Though it's in raw brass, i thought it looked pretty cool. So i thought, why not try and detail a 1:64 car like i did the 1:24th cars.. within reason. and display the car sitting on the stand showing the motor detail without a hood or front panels.

I have some new parts, ideas, and adjustments i can utilize since i did the Lanigan car, and take it up a notch.

We'll see how it works out.

First, i'll build a frame.

It's kind of like oragami. Most of the difficult work was done at the design stage.


Start with the flat base.


Fold the tail up and solder the two anchors in place.

Next i have to attach a brass nut, that will be used to secure the car in a display case once it's complete.



Now the front suspension mounts. These are a different type then i normally use. these are designed with 'hooks' for the front suspension to clip into.


It's folded into a 'C' and put onto tabs etched into the chassis base.


Next is the radiator mount crossmember. I actually didn't put any radiators on the for-hire builds i'd done thus far. It seemed and unnecessary detail. With the hood opened up.. we'll want that radiator now!


It's soldered into place. It looks like a big solder mess right now. But trust me, it won't when we're done.


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I add a chassis riser next, it sets the space between the two halves, and gives me a nice square point to line things up with.


It's soldered into place on the base.


Now for some rear suspension mounts:


They are folded and put into place on the top half of the chassis. Just tacked at this point.


The two halves are now put together. More of what looks like a solder bomb. but it cleans up easily. I dont' do any clean-up until the very end these days.


Now we move onto the rear suspension. This is the main shock mount. It's designed to be strong and keep everything square. These cars can actually have working and scale suspension as an option.


Rear suspension mounts are put into place.


A little more soldering and bending, and we have what is starting to look like a dirt late model chassis.


This is when i'll start moving off-script. I've already started cutting open the engine compartment.


I'll be adding some new mounting brackets next, then it will be time to clean up the chassis for paint.

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Hi Guys,

I'm kind of a different modeler i suppose.

I start by designing the kit, then building it. I cast all my own parts, and have all of my own parts etched.

The chassis was designed in a 3D program then transferred into Corel Draw so the parts could be etched in brass.

This particular build (or builds, i'm actually building two at a time here), is kind of a test to see what's possible in 1:64. The cars already have a lot of detail, but i'm going to see if i can push it a little farther. I'll see if i can add things like plug wires, dry sump tank and hoses... and who knows what else.

I stopped, at least for the time being, building for hire.. so i'm going to be spending the time exploring a 'bit without any time limits.

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Wow, amazing job with this one, but we need some pictures where the size can be compared to something, like box of matchs. ;) It looks 1/25 or even bigger scale build in these pictures.

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I think Niko pretty much sums this up.....we can't even tell what scale it is haha. Your work is incredible and I hope to use some of your parts some day. Thanks for sharing

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Wow... my eyes keep crossing just looking at the photos, can't imagine how hard my head would be pounding if I were actually building one of these in this scale. Very cool!

Is your avatar in honor of Jonathan Frid, who died yesterday?

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