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Needs no introduction to UK guys, but the MK2 RS 2000 was Fords hot car in Europe in the 70's. Totally different front nosecone, spoiler & bonnet to the standard car.

I've just picked up a resin body to convert the Esci / Revell MK2 Escort from this to this.

Probably build it as a street car, but they were also used in rally, racing, as Police cars ect. What do you guys think would best suit it ?

Post more pics once it arrives in the post.



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I could remember taking a test drive with my brother years ago 2.0L motor very very lively - nice classic - can't wait to see the finished product - I'm a big rally fan too but i think that white street car is the way to go that nose just sets it apart

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Not been on here for a bit, but heres a few quick pics of the resin kit. (I'll try & retake the pics)

It has the RS hood, rear bumper, RS 4 spoke wheels & R/H dash ect. Also in the pic is the Revell kit as a doner. I found seats that are very similar to the Recaro's that the road cars came with.

Unfortunatly, I doupt if I'll have the time / patience / skill to make this model, as it does need some work. So I'll be moving it on / trading it.




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personally I'd do a standard road car in. Signal Green 77


there's a company in Germany that do an excellent RS 4 spoke.(seperate wheel and tyre) that'll PM you details of.

Nice project. Goodluck

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i did buy this resin transkit for about a year ago,i have never seen a resin transkit/parts have so bad quality as this one,it look like a child have made the parts,its easyer to make the parts from scratch then fix the resin parts,i did sell it,i didnt want to use my time on this transkit

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