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Round 2 61 Galaxie

Albie D

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I think this is a neat little model. Sure its curbside, but that means its easy it slam, and more time can be spent on the asthetics. This ones got Cragar 5s, or ideally they look like Astros to me with the offset and skinny tires, from another kit. Fit with little fuss. I was lazy and just cut out the tubs and drilled new axle holes. Curbsides are easy! I had to sand the bottom side of the chassis to get it off the floor, but talk about simple, slammed early 60's goodness!

The body has the front and rear pans from the kit. I bondoed those in along with filling the handle detents. Got rid of all the mold lines and the emblems.

Paint is rattle can MM Go Mango with MM clear. Im taking my time with this one and waiting for it to cure, then Im gonna cut and buff it. I wouldve liked to go flake or candy, but I figured this will be a little easer for one of my first builds.

Ordered some foil and Im trying my hand at that. Hopefully it will be scraping the scale streets by next week! post-9554-0-86189600-1331603649_thumb.jp



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You know , it's interesting . One "Younger " model builder here was a cryin da Blues bout how awful this kit was . Cryin bout the molded detail chassis , no engine detail , an so on an so on. Even when the Old builders like myself tried to politely explain to the youngster how this was the way this kit was manufactured in 1961, he wanted no part of our reality answers. One person even went so far as to try and explain in step by step that a frame from a 63 Ford could be utilized . he didn't want to hear that either . hey, you're model looks great and i want more pictures of you're progress. Sorry about the youngster that couldn't see the potential in you're beautiful build !!!!!!!!!! Ed Shaver

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Thanks for the kind words! When I bought this kit, I was a little suprised to see how little there was to actually "build". Lots of potential body mods, that frankly are not my cup of tea (being a mild custom guy), This is supposed to be a styling exercise, and Im using the kit to practice my wet sanding technique, plus try out some little mods and custom stuff. Ill post my progress..

Ohh and Im 36 and love the nostalgia of the kit. From the box to the instructions, I cant get enough of the old school. Round 2 did a great job in my opinion, and Id buy another one.

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