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Mid 50s East Coast 5 window 32

Albie D

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Hey guys got 2 projects goin on. The 61 Ford got another round of clear and it still curing. In the meantime Ive been foolin around with Revells Duece 5 window. Back in the golden age of rodding the east coast was known for doing a heavy channel and keeping the roofline stock. Might of been the ripped up roads or a desire for head room, but Ive always thought they looked cool.


The body recieved a "filled" roof, and cowl vent. The firewall was molded to the body then chopped for the channel, and notched for the distributor and left side cylinder bank.


Frame has had the rear frame rails bobbed and the gas tank will make its way to the trunk. Suspension still needs to be done, but wont need major work to get it in the weeds. Front tires are firestones, pie crusts on the rear. Steelies from another kit along with later 50's style hub caps.


Grill is ScaleDreams 6" chopped unit.

http://32039.jpg Floor pan upright has been sectioned. The seat has been chopped and dropped. You would need to have a short torso to enjoy the ride, but you'd look cool regardless.





Motor is the early Hemi that comes with the kit. Its my first wiring job and I realize the plug boots are wrong, but hey it looks cool. I read the "floating alternator " thread with agreement so I attempted a bracket and wired it too. Gonna try and fab up shome headers next.



Color is gonna be black and shiney and smooth as I can get it.


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This is a really cool build, thing is nasty. Seeing this is making it really hard to decide on weather I should chop mine or not. Clean work though, love how you smoothed the firewall to the body, nice touch, can't wait to see the progress.

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Thanks for the feedback! Im having a lot of fun with this kit.All the roads in my imagination are smooth and flat, so that oil pan has a fighting chance... I was leaning toward a top chop, but honestly I thought it looks wicked as is. Plus I dont think I have the skills to pull that off just yet. When I get my hands on a Model A I might give it a shot, but Im really digging this as is. Worked on the frame a bit today. Ended up Zing the front crossmember a bit to nail the stance but its looking cool. Ill have pics when its painted. Also, I got some drum brakes from Scenes Unlimited and Im in the process of getting those drilled and mounted. More pics ASAP!

Thanks for the inspiration!!

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All the roads in my imagination are smooth and flat, so that oil pan has a fighting chance...!

Haha I'm with yea man, I'm with yea. How are you going about slamming it, besides the z up front? I'm having trouble deciding how to slam mine.

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Oh I like this. How much did you channel it? It looks like about 3/8ths of an inch. Great job on the seat.

I did a chop and channel on this kit and you can't help but have it turn out great. The kit is super and you are doing it justice.


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Good call Wayne. I was going for 3/8s but ended up around 7/16s. The back was lowered by simply drilling out the coil spring mounts, so the whole thing slides up into the floor, if that makes sense. Im in the process of building a false trunk floor with mounts for the springs. Realy didnt need much as the channel did most of the drop. Ill have pics in a couple of days, Im on the work computer and Im gonna be stuck here for awhile.

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Made a little progress this week, thought Id share.

First off, I need to get some lights! Seems like I work in a cave or something. By my next "under glass" Ill cobble something together.

The frame is done and is wearing its first coat of paint. I Z'ed the front crossmember, glued in some filler plates then hit it with the putty to get the contours back. The crossmember itself has had some minor work (along with the spring) to lose a few mils. I added a quick and dirty floor to the back. The floor acts as a new mount for the coil springs as well as filling the gap between the trunk and the frame.



Im going for a 50s look and the disc brakes in the kit looked out of place. I got the drums from Scenes Unlimited. The fronts are the hollow units with some backing plates that I had. The rears are the solid ones. I had to make a spacer in the rear because the drums were hitting the fender. Not totally realistic, but it works.





Right now Im redoing the alternator and seaching for some headers. Im letting the paint cure a bit before I clear and buff. I might give the frame another coat but if not its time to actually mount the suspension.

Thanks for checking it out!



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Yes today there would be no trouble registering and driving a very low Hot Rod, for which a lot of guys are thankful, but in the fifties and early sixties the Eastern States DOTs Hated Hot Rods and tried to make it hard on anyone to drive one!

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