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Aoshima Mitsubishi Galant Lambda Super Touring (A133A)

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It's this kit I'm talking about:


I didn't get around to take photos of mine yet, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible:

Be warned!

Contrary to the majority of the other reissues by Aoshima, this one does not come with a re-engineered interior.

It contains the ancient interior from the days it was still a motorized LS kit, i.e. the interior is useless.

If you want to build this into a halfways convincing model, you need to kitbash in the interior from a different kit.

I'd say any midsize Toyota or Nissan interior can be adapted, like from a Chaser or Laurel.

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Box art looks good. Shame the interior is a let down.

One of my childhood favourites mitsubishi sapporo


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I just wanted to warn the ones who think this is another one of Aoshima's excellent quick builders we became accustomed to.

Anyway, here is mine:


Boody looks fine:



Glass, too:


Chrome and decals fine, too:


And here is the problem. Teh battery case of yore was left in place and takes up the rear seat area:


The rear seats are hence completely wrong:


The front seats can possibly be used with some modificaton.

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dodge challenger! thats where i have seen this car before!

cant say i think much of it though, kinda generic for my tastes. but have fun...i know with your imagination you could do something wild with it. with the interior as poor as it is, how about blacking out the windows and making an "exhaust pipe" car? :D

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